We are different because we help our clients to move quickly and profitably through each stage of the development process: buy, develop, design, construct, manage and sell.

Consider a few examples of the very real difference this vertical integration can make:

  • We design with full consideration of construction cost, schedule and risk of construction defect – and not just with aesthetic appeal as the driving force.
  • Developing a project is a series of discussions with cities and with neighborhoods – but the answers are often counterintuitive. For any given change being asked for, our experience as a general contractor allows us to quickly determine how construction costs will change and our experience as a broker tells us how market value will change.
  • Our clients often ask us to work with their existing team – and we do so gladly. We think our experience as a designer makes us better able to work with other designers and our experience as a contractor better able to work with other contractors, etc. – all to the benefit our client.