Property Owners

Outreach to property owners is a significant part of our strategy. We work hard to add value to a property from the very first phone call or meeting.

Ways to work with property owners: (Click to learn more)

  • Outright purchase
    The simplest option.
  • Seller financing
    Often we can replace your current income with a guaranteed monthly interest payment - while simultaneously eliminating all your management headaches and liability as an owner.
  • Joint Venture
    If you are excited about the development potential that your property offers but lack development expertise or funding, we can create terms for a joint venture which will appeal to you.
  • Property Evaluation
    Cypress has proven their ability to add value - often times in ways that the property owner was not initially aware including reducing property taxes, finding tenants, making crucial repairs, or eliminating tax upon sale through a 1031 exchange.

Cypress works with a long roster of professionals. We can help you find the right people for your project.

   Civil Engineer
   Commercial Leasing
   Construction Lender
   Permanent Financing
   Structural Engineer

   Doors and Windows
   Finish Carpentry
   Fire Sprinklers

   Hardwood Flooring
   Tile and Stone


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